Dragons' Den

In partnership with Hilary Devey

The company has moved on rapidly since we nervously walked into the Den last year. We have had talks with market leaders everywhere, including Virgin Atlantic which culminated in a Skype call with Sir Richard Branson, leaving a lot of exciting developments in the pipeline!

Hilary Devey, Liz and Alan at the Dragons' Den studioWe are also focusing on taking the Duvalay to Europe and beyond. The emails, phone calls and general feedback tell us that we've got it right so far. However we are always striving to do better for our customers; to provide more quality and value for money.

We are continually developing new products as your comfort is our passion! We believe that together with Hilary and her team's help we will continue to provide innovative products and focus even closer on our customers' needs. The phones are ringing, the packers are packing and we are looking forward to the coming year.

Be assured that one thing will never change; our commitment to creating quality products to give our customers bedtime luxury... anywhere